Introducing Hyxus Flight

A Traceability platform built for operations and team coordination

Powerful Features

Streamline your business with robust core functionality

  • Compliance – We integrate with the state and keep you legal
  • Mobile First – Your business from any device anywhere in the world
  • Task Manager – Everyone stays busy and you get a bird’s eye view
  • Invoices and Manifests – Fast track the paperwork; no human error
  • QR/Barcode Scanning – Create and scan barcodes; no more data entry
  • Activity Feed – Know your business operations intuitively


Hyxus supports farmers, from home grows to enterprise

  • Feeding Profiles – Instruct your staff / Perfect your recipes
  • Health System – Manage training, pesticides, and treatments
  • Plant Propagation – Database and analytics to sharpen your science
  • Crop Management – Use your device as a scanner to streamline activities
  • IoT – Ready to integrate with your automation


Hyxus supports processors, from small bakeries to enterprise extraction

  • Crafting System – Combine and Refine to make the ultimate product
  • Recipe Design – Generate recipes with easy to follow checklists¬†
  • Inventory Management – Catalog of plant and non-plant items
  • Marketplace Integration – From Leaflink to invoices automatically
  • Label Designer – No need for more software, we’ve got you covered

30 days no obligation trial for all customers.


  • Home Grow
    $5/ monthly
    • 500 square feet
    • Unlimited Users
    • Limited Restrictions
  • Garage Grow
    $50/ monthly
    • 1,000 square feet
    • Unlimited Users
    • Limited Restrictions
  • Small Commercial
    $199/ monthly
    • 2,000 Square Feet
    • Unlimited Users
    • No Restrictions
  • Large Commercial
    $299/ monthly
    • 10,000 square feet
    • Unlimited Users
    • Limited Restrictions
  • Enterprise
    $399/ monthly
    • 10,000+ Square feet
    • Unlimited Users
    • Limited to no Restrictions

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