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 traceability, inventory operations, and analytics platform for agriculture cultivation and manufacturing



Powerful enough for big-agriculture, simple enough for a non-technical farmer. Hyxus provides cultivators with a centralized tool to record critical tasks so that they can make informed decisions about their future

  • Your data is gold! Simple and easy to use 1-step data entry wizards encourage labor to input critical data-points for analysis later on
  • Track and trace anything that grows with our genus species system:  cows, crickets, corn, perennials, cannabis, and more!
  • Plan schedule and orchestrate labor operations
  • Analyze harvest performance and view powerful reports such as gram-per-watt
  • HYXUS IoT integration automates data collection to improve data reliability


From baking, to oil extractions, to food processing, Hyxus gives food manufacturing a powerful set of analytics that help calculate the cost-to-value equation of your operations

  • Track performance records of your inventory lifecycle events with simple workflows that allow inventory combinations for baking, oil production or anything else you craft
  • Calculate your revenue, profit and improve BOTH using the suite of Hyxus financial tools
  • Track and manage all inventory and assets side-by-side
  • Centralize your data and integrate with your ERP, analytics, government traceability, or custom tooling

No need to stress about cannabis compliance, Hyxus has you covered

We’ve spent years working alongside Cannabis farmers, bakers, and processors to craft and iterate on a solution that will let you do more with less

With Hyxus your data becomes actionable insights, your teams gain full visibility over inventory, and stakeholders can finally focus on expanding operations instead of battling poorly built “traceability” solutions that provide little value beyond a headache

Hyxus helps agriculture producers and manufacturers streamline operations, and make informed decisions from their data in a powerful way

  • 1-Step Workflows – Record data on the fly and with ease
  • Easy Configuration – Get up and running quickly
  • Label Designer – Drag and drop design and then click to print
  • Robust Logging – Track and analyze changes to inventory over time
  • Cloud Based – Always available
  • Inventory For Sale – Provide an open url to give customers a real-time view of your products available for sale
  • Analytics – Gain actionable insights into your sales, inventory, and crop performance
  • Reports – Generate powerful reports on demand; such as recall sheets, inventory, or sales roll-ups
  • Compliance – We integrate with your state system, and provide an audit trail that protects your business
  • Mobile First – Your business from any device anywhere in the world
  • QR/Barcode Scanning – Create and print barcodes on the fly


Starts at $299 / month

No credit card needed, and cancel anytime

“Data analysis is transforming the way humans grow and produce food. Hyxus provides the agriculture industry the ability to gain impacting insights on their operations that will drive improvements for their business”

– Bruce Bjorklund, CEO  

  • Hyxus has been a huge asset to our company. Hyxus' user friendly inventory tracking, prompt and efficient customer service and quick response to regulatory changes has made navigating this nascent industry manageable. We couldn't have asked for a better team to work with.

    Paige Berger, CEO
    Paige Berger, CEO Hygge Farms
  • Hyxus has proven to be an invaluable partner and stabilizing anchor for our traceability needs.  They have been a compass to help us navigate and appease the ever changing regulatory landscape. Hyxus' commitment to data security, data integrity and platform efficiencies is evident throughout their platform, customer servicing, and company culture.  From non-cannabis inventory to dashboards and reporting, Hyxus has their pulse on the now with a keen eye to the future, continuing to provide us with new tools to help us harness our data for our company growth.

    Katie & Derek Mitchell
    Katie & Derek Mitchell Katie Baked Goods

Lets grow together!

Our team of skilled systems engineers are available to integrate with your custom toolchain, such as an ERP, enterprise on-prem, Government API, financial tooling, and more!



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