From Seed to Sale

Introducing Hyxus Flight

Crop Management

Grow and track any agriculture item with the Hyxus Genus Tracking System ™


Every action by a user or machine is recorded, which provides a robust audit-trail that can be viewed visually and is available for export to CSV or API

Pesticide Tracking and Labs

A complete system of record and related workflows to manage all treatments and testing of anything you grow

Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory with our intuitive interfaces with easy to use filtering features that allow you to quickly navigate from data to workflow to analytics


Learn from your past and control your future through insights that are simple to understand and arm you with the information to make smart decisions


The future of agriculture is automation and we have built Hyxus for bi-directional communication with any hardware or software from watering systems in the garden to accounting in the back office

Cannabis Traceability

Cannabis farmers can rest easy with seamless reporting of government required events as they run their day to day operations. 

  • Sync System – We keep your records sync’d with your local government tracking system, so you always know exactly what is being reported
  • Data Reporting – We report all required data to your local government
  • Audit Protection –We give you a tool that provides true seed to sale traceability, with the ability to generate recall reports on the fly
  • Simple Workflows – Get your entire team involved with our 1-step data reporting wizards
  • Robust Logging – Track and analyze changes to inventory, crops, or individual agriculture items over time
  • Built for bakers, processors, and manufactures that need to combine cannabis and non-cannabis inventory to create products such as cookies or oils (We report the necessary data for you)
  • Run recall or audit reports, and trace inventory back to the crop from which it came including every action ever taken against it
  • Run time series analytics on your plants and inventory , transactions, and more

Inventory Lifecycle Management

Hyxus has an extensive suite of simple and easy to use workflows that help agriculture businesses track the changes to their inventory lifecycles over time

Features that will make you wonder how you ever managed without them

Built by combining decades of experience in enterprise software with decades of experience in cannabis, Hyxus is rich with creative ways to make your life better

  • Crafting System – Combine and Refine to make new inventory
  • Recipe Design – Generate recipes with easy to follow checklists
  • Invoice and Shipping – Generate invoices and shipping manifests to track the flow of inventory
  • Inventory Management – Track all inventory and assets side-by-side
  • Enterprise Integration – Ready to integrate with your ERP, analytics, or custom tooling
  • Species Library – From cannabis to walnuts, to cows. Manage any agriculture crop.
  • Health System – Manage training, pesticides, and treatments
  • Plant Propagation – Database and analytics to sharpen your science
  • Crop Management – Manage groups of agriculture
  • IoT – Ready to integrate with your automation

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